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Over 3 million players in Japan IT ALL BEGINS WITH “ZERO” Over 3 million players in Japan IT ALL BEGINS WITH “ZERO”


Leading the way for tactical RPGs on mobile Phantom of the Kill Leading the way for tactical RPGs on mobile Phantom of the Kill

Turn the tides of war
with the swipe of afinger in this dramatic
strategy RPG for
smartphones and tablets!

Opening Movie

Supervision: Mamoru Oshii

Production: A-Line / Production I.G.

World World

World image

In the beginning, gods and demons created the world,
and all life was born from the great tree Yggdrasil.

Neo Tokyo, the year 2200--
The great tree Yggdrasil rises through the scarlet clouds that engulf the land.
In a world controlled by demons, mankind continues to fight back with the aid of the Ancient Arms, legendary weapons bestowed upon them by the gods.
A world where all species fight against each other, the only "law" is for the fittest to survive, and mankind is on the verge of extinction.

A special agency known as the Ragnarok Institute has entrusted their last hope to one man.

Experiment subject 0--the Killer Prince named Zero.
"I won't give up! Even if my chances of survival are zero!"

He will keep his promise.
Or die trying.

World image
Zero image Zero image


Subject #0, the first prototype of the Killer Project. Researchers infused him with both beast blood and the essence of the legendary weapon Laevateinn, the flaming sword that left the world in smoldering ruins. A lone wolf who only trusts himself and those closest to him, Zero is a cynical nihilist who hates everything he deems pointless.

valyn image


The head researcher at the Ragnarok Institute, responsible for the creation of Killer Princes and Killer Princesses. No matter what the circumstance, she is never frightened, always confident, and has a great affinity for chocolate (particularly the nutty kind).

Killer Princes & Princesses Killer Princes & Princesses

Human weapons developed by the Ragnarok Institute, a special agency set up to combat the demonic invasion. In early clinical trials, male subjects infused with beast flesh and blood inevitably lost control and transformed completely into beasts after a certain period of time. However, when the beast blood happened to contain Killium, the essence of legendary weapons, the normally psychosis-inducing element of Killium had a mutual restraining reaction with the beast blood. Those test subjects became known as Killer Princes. While developing them, the Ragnarok scientists discovered that female subjects did not need beast blood to counter the side effects of Killium. Surgically enhanced with pure Killium, they became known as Killer Princesses.

Apollo image


Always optimistic with an indestructible will--his Killium comes from the sacred bow of the sun god Apollo. His unfailing confidence to face anything head-on takes upon the very essence of a sun god. Being one of the younger members of within the Ragnarok Institute, he is sometimes considered a hothead and is deemed a bit cheeky

Laevateinn image


Extremely powerful but lacks any kind of motivation. A wanderer at heart, she hates to be bound by anything. Her Killium comes from Laevateinn, the weapon said to have once burned the world to ashes.

Yata no Kagami image

Yata no Kagami

An honest stoic in search of the truth, he dislikes anything unclear or vague and prefers everything matter-of-fact. His Killium comes from the sacred mirror Yata no Kagami which once exposed the hiding place of a sun goddess. Even before he became a Killer Prince, he was so immersed in building his physical strength that he lacks certain communication skills. He wants to make friends with others but most of the time fails to do so and often gripes about this to his commander.

Masamune image


Equally strict to herself and others, she despises all injustice. Her Killium comes from the mystical sword Masamune known to exist in a legendary island nation. Given the nature that the blade Masamune was created from multiple blades, the Killer Princess has trouble with the Culling order of eliminating her clones. "Why can two of the same kind not exist at the same time?" She continues her journey with her commander to find an answer to her question.

Longinus image


An unorthodox ascetic who solely believes in his own words. He doesn't hide the fact that he has vision in only one eye, and yields an aura that keeps others away. His Killium comes from Longinus, the sacred lance that pierced the body of a great saint. The lance being considered a legendary weapon frustrates him because it was not originally intended for combat use. Therefore, he continues to seek raw strength without relying too much on his lance.

Labrys image


A show-off that prefers singing much more than fighting--she has the characteristics of a teenage idol. Her Killium comes from the sacred axe Labrys Her self-conscious personality stems from the memories of her Killium being respected as various symbols throughout history.

Strategize, Lead, and Attack Strategize, Lead, and Attack

Phantom of the Kill is a tactical role-playing game in which you command a team of warriors in a gauntlet of epic turn-based battles. As you proceed, you’ll boost your units' stats and promote them to higher classes and then use their unique abilities on the battlefield against the opposition.


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